Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does Farmbucket work for farmers?

It’s quite simple. First of all, you need to register your farm. Once you have done registration, you can list your products and start selling.

2. How does Farmbucket work for users?

Just register your account for free. You can also use social accounts to sign up quickly. Once you have registered your account, you can buy the available product in your locality.

3. Who all can use Farmbucket?

Farmers who run agriculture business, and people who are looking to buy fresh farm produces.

4. What are the benefits of farmers?

Farmbucket provides exceptional profiling for farms, which is intended to look even better than a dedicated website.

There is auction so that farmers can ensure a better pricing for their products and at the same time, they can make sure products are sold out even before the estimated timeframe.

Farmbucket neither charges commission nor operates with middleman which results in a huge saving for the farmers.

There is Crowdfunding Community which helps farmers to raise money for particular farming promising the proportionate stake for the investor.

5. What are the benefits of customers?

Farmbucket promises fresh farm products. Since there is no middleman or broker, customers get farming products cheaper than available in the market.

6. How to sell a product on Farmbucket?

Once you have registered your farm, you can list your products with competitive prices and start selling.

7. How to buy a product on Farmbucket?

Register your account for free. Find the product or products you want to buy. Add them to the cart, detail the delivery address, and make payment. Since Farmbucket is at the beta stage, we regret to inform you that the option to buy is temporarily disabled now. However, we’ll be shortly activating the facility to buy through Farmbucket.

8. How to create an auction?

Log in using your farm owner profile. Click menu which is on the left side of Farmbucket logo. Select ‘Auction’ and click on ‘New Auction’ and create the auction.

9. How to buy products through an auction?

Any registered user can participate in auctions which are limited to the user’s locality. All you have to do is bid a price tag which is above the basic bid amount that is already set by the seller. The one who has bid the biggest quote will win the auction.

10. How do I register?

Click on ‘Register’, choose between farm owner or customer, enter the details or use one of the social accounts, and complete the registration.

11. Is there any registration charge?

As of now, there is no registration charge.

12. Can I do multiple registrations?

No, you can’t do multiple registrations.

13. How to make payment?

You can pay online using net banking, credit, and debit card options.

14. Is there delivery service?

Yes, Farmbucket also provides delivery service.

15. How to contact customer service?

We are always happy to assist you. Please reach us at