Why Farmbucket


We help you build your farm identity online, branding you to ensure maximum reach and potential. Farmbucket is more than a dedicated website. It acts as a powerful platform for farm businesses to connect with their end customers. Your profile will show your products, services, descriptions, images, videos, customer reviews, social media share buttons and much more. Welcome to the new generation of farming!


Why should you make less profits through a mediator? Through Farmbucket you’ll be able to sell directly to your customers (the end-consumers). Farmbucket introduces a new and amazing feature: ‘Bidding’. Through this feature you will be able to put your products into auction and earn more for them without the need of intermediators. This bidding/selling process could even start at the beginning of your cultivation period, estimating how many crops will be yielded after the harvest. Customers will see the auction and bid their quotes. You will then be able to close the deal with the best price quoted and make the most out of your products!

Crowdfunding Community

Farmbucket is not just a platform, but a socially responsible community with a vision for a green future. Through our Crowdfunding Community, Farmbucket helps farmers raise funds, resources and support to back their needs, keeping the community’s vision to keep the earth green and unharmed.

Fresh Food

Farmbucket supports organic farming and ensures farm products reaching customers are free of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Products Nearby

Why should you get non-organic vegetables and fruits from other states or countries when you can obtain organic products near you? Find the nearest farms through Farmbucket, get the products you’re looking for and support local farmers.

Help Farmers

The Farmbucket community provides a friendly platform to support farmers, where people can invest just like crowdfunding and financially help struggling farmers to raise funds. In exchange you will get pesticide-free safe farm products delivered to you, as well as knowing that your purchases are helping local farmers and the local economy.

Green Earth

Go green and organic. By supporting organic and pesticide-free products from local farmers you’ll be helping clean the earth from harmful chemicals, and consume products that are great for you.

Social Commitment

Let’s work together for a greener tomorrow, and be proud members of the revolutionary movement. It’s your show time to save the planet and its inhabitants from unhealthy routine.


  • To get farm products nearby
  • To invite people to support local farming


  • Green Culture
  • Organic produce
  • Healthy farming
  • Upliftment of struggling local agricultural industry
  • To build a strong relationship between farmers and end-consumers